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ClearCase's great charm is in it's flexibility. If you need a lovely firework display on your screen each time you check in a file to make you feel accomplished, it's no problem to write a script to do this. Or if you need something more practical, feel free to put in a Help Request describing what you need.

Scripts you may need:
All scripts are located in \\host\ClearCase\bin


Recursively checks out a directory tree.


Recursively checks in a directory tree.


Finds checked in elements since a given date on a given branch; brokenbranch -date 06-Nov.08:30 -branch release1. Note: you need to be in a view to run this script.


Finds the element and element version differences between two labels. Optionally you can view the actual difference between elements that have different versions for each label. You do not need to be in a view as the script invokes the release view, prompts for VOB to get labels and prompts for two labels.


Finds all elements checked out and computes how long they have been checked out. It sorts the checked out file list by user and emails each user the list of files that have been checked out longer than a defined number of days. The reports can also be emailed to other people.