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Before calling on CM to help with your issue, check on these pages to see if your solution is available here!


Getting Started with ClearCase - Create a view, mount a VOB, Check files in and out.

Config. Specs. - Not sure how to set your view? Click Here!

CM Procedures - our  configuration management policies for software development.

Scripts - A list of scripts.

Triggers - A list of triggers.

Best Practices - Rules for how to use ClearCase at our company.

CM Plan - Configuration Management plan identifying objects stored uder CM control, tools used, resposbilities, etc.

Merging Quick Reference - How to merge files from private branches to the development or main branch.

There are several places where you can get on line documentation help for ClearCase. For command line you can do:

  • cleartool help | more
  • cleartool help command
  • cleartool man man
  • cleartool man fmt_ccase
  • cleartool man query_language

ClearCase FAQs:

(Follow this link for answers to these questions! If you do not see your question here, please ask using online help.)

  1. How do I remove files from source control?
  2. Why can't I see the Latest version of a file?
  3. How do I label? Why?
  4. What do I do with an old label or branch?