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Setting up ClearCase for the first time

Before starting, make sure your environment variables are set up as detailed HERE

Mount the Versioned Object Base (VOB) (only done once)

A VOB as ClearCase refers to the database in which deltas of files are stored, is commonly referred to as a VOB. When a VOB is only mounted once.

  1. Open ClearCase HomeBase
  2. Click on the "VOBs" tab
  3. Select the "Mount VOB" button
  4. Select the "product" from the list and double-click it. If it not in the list it must already be mounted so then press cancel.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for the VOB "vendor"

Create a View (only done once)

Your View in ClearCase is what determines what version of the file(s) you will be looking at in the VOB. To create your first view do the following:

  1. Through the file browser create the directory c:/view_store
  2. Make the directory shared by right clicking on the directory, select properties, and select share tab
  3. Open ClearCase HomeBase
  4. Click on the "Views" tab
  5. Select the "Create View" Button
  6. Select the "Dynamic Button"
  7. Select the view tag and the view storage directory, as well as the drive letter to mount the view on
  8. Click the finish button

To set your View:

NOTE: This step is unnecessary if you just created a view in the previous step.

  1. Open ClearCase HomeBase
  2. Click on the "Views" tab
  3. Select the "Start View" button
  4. Choose the your view name from the list and choose a drive letter
  5. Click "OK"

Create Your Private Branch

  1. Open ClearCase Home Base
  2. Select the "Administration" tab
  3. Click the "Type Explorer" button
  4. Select VOB from list and click OK
  5. Double-click the "branch type" folder
  6. Click on Type menu in upper left corner of window
  7. Select "Create" from the Type menu
  8. Name your branch with your USER name as part of the branch name. This branch is referred to as <private branch> in the remainder of this document. Description is a comment field for adding the purpose for which this branch will be used. Click OK when you have filled in the fields.

Set your Config_Spec

Your config_spec determines what exactly your view "sees" in the VOB

  1. Open ClearCase Home Base
  2. Click on the "Views" tab
  3. Select the "Edit View Properties" Button
  4. Select the view you wish to edit from the list
  5. Click on the "Config Spec" tab
  6. Select the "edit" button
  7. Edit the Config Spec. If you are working off of the "release1" branch:

element * CHECKEDOUT
element * .../<private branch>/LATEST
mkbranch <private branch>
element * .../release1/LATEST
element * /main/LATEST

Select the "Apply" button

For the time being, contact the VOB administrator to create labels. Also, if you need assistance creating your private branch please contact.

Working With Files in Source Control
Checking Files Out

  1. Right click on the file
  2. Select the ClearCase submenu,
  3. Select "Check-Out"

Checking Files In

  1. Right click on the file
  2. Select the ClearCase submenu,
  3. Select "Check-In"

Adding Files to Source Control

  1. Copy the file structure from your hard disk into the VOB.
  2. Use NT 'find' to locate all files in the directory structure:
  1. Select "find" from the tools menu in NT explorer
  2. Select "Files or Folders"
  3. In the dialog box that appears, select files named *.*
  4. Browse for the location of your view and VOB (i.e. Z:\firmware)
  1. Select all the files in the box that you wish to add to source control.
  2. Right Click and select the ClearCase sub-menu
  3. Select "Add to Source Control"
  4. Uncheck the box checked "Keep Checked-Out"
  5. Type in a comment as desired
  6. Select "Apply to All"
  7. Wait patiently as ClearCase adds your files to Source Control