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To make the triggers more generic an to be able to have them work in a UNIX/Windows integrated environment we need a site preparation step where we define the site specific settings. Site preparation modifies the triggers setting execution paths and defines other site specific settings. It will create a directory structure based on your answers and put a copy of the modified triggers in the new location.

To run site Prep_prep you need a full perl installation. For UNIX you can get the latest perl at: Perl Ports for NT platform you need to have ActiveState Perl installed. Everything else has been written to work with the plain Jane version of Perl installed with ClearCase.

Preparing Process Software For Use

  1. Login in as CM Administrator.
  2. Unpack the archive file
  3. Import tree into a VOB
  4. Insure files with execute permission are still executable
  5. To deploy process software
  6. Set a view
  7. Change to directory in VOB where software was stored
  8. Run perl Site_prep.pl...
    Enter UNIX path to process area, [/home/ClearCase/process]:
    Enter Windows path to process area, [//oak/ClearCase/process]:
    Enter mail server address, [mail.yourcompany.com]:
    Enter CM administrators email address, [vobadm@yourcompany.com]:
    Enter primary development group, [developer]:

The process software is now deployed and ready for use. Follow the link below to VOB and ClearCase System Setups where the instructions are for putting the process software into active use.

Other software in the utilities directory can be copied to a suitable location for use. One suggestion is to create a bin directory under the ClearCase process directory just created by Site_prep and copy the utilities you find useful to this directory.

Directory Tree

The directory structure created by the Site_prep.pl utility is shown below. All of the structure under the process limb is taken from the VOB CM other than the checkin_logs directory which it creates. Site_prep.pl does not create the ClearCase release area, this is done with by the ClearCase product installs.

Process Area Directory Tree

VOB and ClearCase System Setups

ClearCase Triggers

ClearCase Process Software

Software has been test with ClearCase release 4.1 on Solaris 2.6 and NT 4.0 platforms. This code has also been deployed on HP 11.0 systems.

Release 4.0 is now available, May 27, 2000:

Change History

Change history for ClearCase process extensions.

VERSION 4.1 - September 4, 2000

  • Modified post_mkelem_trig to call ChangeMode function and fixed logic error for string compare.
  • Added new function ChangeMode.pl for setting modes on files.
  • Modified pre_ln_trig.bat to allow file renaming and to prevent anyone except the VOB owner from creating hard links.
  • Changed GetVobOwner.pl, GetVobGroup.pl, and IsVobOwner.pl to fix problems caused by changes to the output of the describe VOB command. What business value did this add to the product. These product changes should have been caught in release 4.0.
  • Added what utility for displaying version strings with a what prefix, @(#). This code came from Free BSD and was modified to compile and run on Solaris, Linux, and Windows. As part of adding this utility there is a small make file process demonstrating how to build software for multiple platforms.
  • Enhanced the set_version.bat utility to create a temporary file for version identification and to compare it with an existing version file if it exists. If the two files are the same the temporary file is removed. This change was made to eliminate unneeded rebuilding in make processes.

VERSION 4.0 - June 15, 2000

  • Updated tree drawings to more accurately reflect what Site_prep creates and split the ClearCase release area diagram into a separate drawing and moved it to the ClearCase setup instructions.
  • Commented out the checkin_log directory and added a commented out section for creating a bin directory in Site_prep. Also added commented out lines for setting NT permissions in the WinPerm script. Added binmode to Site_prep to keep PC EOL characters out of files.
  • Moved reports directory into utilities and modified Site_prep to not deploy this directory. The utilities directory provides examples of what can be done, but in general the perl scripts will require site specific modifications.
  • Added missing header file for makedepend program for an NT platform and a makefile to build the program.
  • Added a new report, CodeReview, which list version creations for a user on a given branch filtering out the zero versions, and versions created as the result of a merge out from the main branch or a release integration branch.
  • Changed the daily build view and label creation utility, DBLabel, to do all labeling from the NT side and then rsh the UNIX build so the NT and UNIX builds are done concurrently.
  • Changed daily build clean up process, IsItTime, to only remove a view if it is stored on the host where the utility is running. Views were intermittently getting removed cleanly.
  • Changed the branch naming check to Rationals lower case naming convention. Left in a more interesting customer sites patch branch name testing example commented out.
  • Changed the label naming check to Rationals upper case naming convention.
  • Changed all com scripts that used the "-vob VobTag" syntax to use "vob:VobTag" as the former syntax has been obsoleted in version v4.0 of ClearCase.
  • Fixed Site_prep.bat to not setuid the post_mkelem_trig.bat file, this caused execution problems on HPUX systems.
  • Fixed ToUnix.pl subroutine, adding binmode to output file so carriage returns will not be added on writes.
  • Fixed cut and paste error in Site_prep shell wrapper script. Perl command needed to be all lower case letters.
  • Added pre_one_checkout_trig to be attached to an element to limit check out to one at a time and to prompt the user to merge before making changes to element an run the xlsvtree command.
  • Added edcs routines for UNIX which models NT view profiles.
  • Changed pre ci message to identify user that is not allowed to check into a branch.
  • Fixed post mkelem trigger so that it would work on Solaris and HPUX as a set uid process.


  • skipped to have release identifier track Clear releases.

VERSION 2.0 - January 10, 2000

  • Modified VOB setup utilities to work on NT as well as UNIX systems.
  • Modified Site_prep to work on NT as well as UNIX systems. For NT, ActiveState Perl is required for the ClearCase administrator to run the Site_prep process.
  • Extracted makedepend utility from the X11R6 distribution and created a non imake make file. Added this into the utilities directory.
  • Changed etc directory to utilities and added several utilities for examples, some of which need modifying for site specific label naming and branch name policies.
  • Did some work on the checking log reports, but did not finish this work.
  • Added Posix checksum software routines for both UNIX and NT.
  • Now have three choices for doing scripted e-mail on NT platforms.

VERSION 2.0 Beta - July 10, 1999

  • Fixed scripts so they work with file names that have spaces.
  • Modified label and branch name subroutines so that it is easier to add checking rules and to prompt the user with valid examples for each. Also added a more meaningful label rule example.
  • Added the setting of an environment variable for trigger interaction and the checking of this variable to more triggers.
  • Corrected some inaccurate comments.
  • Post make label will now recursively look backwards for the first non zero version of an element to put the label on if a zero version is being labeled. If it gets to main zero it will remove the label.
  • Modified InstallAuthLists and UninstallAuthLists so they can be run from an NT platform.
  • Add GNU Copy Left term and conditions for distributing software.
  • Developed and tested this release using Samba 2.0.3.

VERSION 1.0 - March 1, 1999

  • Ported triggers to cross platform environment of NT/UNIX.
  • Added site setup utilities for extracting process scripts from ClearCase.
  • Developed and tested this release using a Network Appliance disk system.

Files that changed in release 4.1


New files in release 4.1


Files that changed in release 4.0 are