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Guides for ClearCase Best Use Practices

ClearCase is using a database that is mapped into a file system defined by the view configuration rules. Databases keep object identification information unlike normal file systems. If you copy a file to a new name and create a new element it will have a different object identification and thus a different history and you would not be able to use ClearCase to merge the two files.

Common opportunities where object identification problems can occur during development are when a file is copied as was described above or if a directory is branched to two different branches and a file is added to each branch directory with the same name. This is termed the "evil twin" as there are now two different database objects with the same name that have different version histories and can not be merged through the normal ClearCase merge process.

Finally this can also occur when a file or directory is removed and a decided that they are still needed so they are copied from another view and added back to source control again. This is another way to create the evil twin situation.

Use the defined procedures below to properly use the ClearCase configuration management system. If you are in doubt as to the correct way to accomplish a change that needs to be done please ask for guidance.

  1. Label Names should contain only upper-case letters (enforced with trigger).
  2. Branch names should contain only lower case letters (enforced with trigger).
  3. View names and private branch names should contain your login name.
  4. To rename a file or a directory do the following:
    1. Check out the parent directory.
    2. cleartool mv <current file name or current directory name> <new file name or new directory name>
  5. To remove a file or a directory do the following:
    1. Check out the parent directory.
    2. cleartool rmname <file name or directory name>
  6. To move a file or directory from one directory to another directory do the following:
    1. Check out source parent directory
    2. Check out destination parent directory
    3. cleartool mv path\<name> path\<name>
    4. Check in source parent directory
    5. Check in destination parent directory
    6. Note: make sure the file or directory you are trying to move is not checked out.
  7. To remove a label type, branch type, or an element from a VOB forever and ever, or to reinstate a file or directory that has been removed please contact the Configuration Manager.